Страноведческая викторина

Участники викторины: ведущий, жюри, команды (по 4–5 человек).

Проведение викторины.

В викторине принимают участие четыре команды обучающихся, изучающих английский язык. Ведущий представляет команды друг другу. Каждая команда выбирает капитана. После того, как ведущий зачитывает вопрос на экране видеопроектора, командам отводится 1–2 минуты на ответ в письменной форме. Ответы сдаются жюри. После этого ведущий называет правильный ответ. Команда, набравшая большинство баллов по итогам викторины, становится победителем.

Вопросы викторины

1. How many bronze lions can you see at the foot of the monument to Admiral Nelson?

2. What is the traditional male costume in Scotland?
(The kilt).

3. “It is quite a three-pipe problem”. Who said it?
a) Mark Twain
b) Hemingway
c) Conan Doyle
d) G. Bernard Shaw
(Arthur Conan Doyle in “The Red-Headed League”).

4. What is the name of the state colloquially known as Sunflower State?
a) Kansas
b) Illinois
c) Indiana
d) Nebraska

5. This is a national gallery of British art, built at the expense of a sugar manufacturer and opened in 1897 to house the collection presented by him and by various other benefactors. It was originally subordinated to the National Gallery, but has been fully independent since 1955. What is the name of this gallery?
(Tate Gallery-a national gallery of British art, built at the expense of Sir Henry Tate (sugar manufacturer, 1819–99)).

6. Where can you see the tombs of many British kings and queens and other famous people, such as Charles Dickens and Rudyard Kipling?
(In Westminster Abbey).

7. How many towers does the Tower of London consist of?

8. Which of the US Presidents was a Hollywood actor?
(Ronald Reagan).

9. What is the second name of the Washington memorial?
(“the pencil”).

10. What is the biggest state of the USA?

11. “I have measured out my life with coffee spoons”. Who said it?
a) Ch. Bronte
b) Jane Austen
c) T.S.Eliot
d) E.Dickinson
(T.S.Eliot love song of J.Alfred Prufrock).

12. What is the name of the strait joining the North Sea and the English Channel?
(Strait of Dover (French: Pas de Calais): Па-де-Кале is the name of the strait joining the North Sea and the English Channel).

13. What does the word “Albion”, the poetic name of Great Britain, mean?

14. What is the name of the State colloquially known as Bluegrass State?
a) North Dakota
b) Kentucky
c) New Hampshire
d) New Jersey

15. What is the name of a lively US dance of the 1920s with side-kicks from the knee?

16. What is the name of the US State on the Atlantic coast, named in honour of Queen Elizabeth I, the site of the first permanent settlement?
(Virginia (“Virgin Queen”)).

17. What is the name of the UK upper house of the legislature, made up of the nobility and high-ranking clergy?
(House of Lords).


18. “If men knew how women pass the time when they are alone, they’d never marry”.
Who said this remarkable phrase?
a) Edgar Poe
b) Washington Irving
c) O.Henry
d) W.S. Maugham

19. What is the name of the state colloquially known as Treasure State?
a) Alaska
b) California
c) Colorado
d) Montana

20. This English son of a butcher (1660–1731) whose varied career included several unsuccessful business ventures and secret service work, is remembered, though, as a novelist and journalist, a master of vivid narration with a journalist’s eye for realistic detail. He wrote his world-famous book when he was nearly 60. What is the name of the writer and this book?
(Daniel Defoe (1660–1731); Robinson Crusoe).

21. The Seven Wonders of the World are the seven greatest structures of the ancient world in architecture and sculpture, the list of man-made wonders was first compiled by a Hellenistic traveler in the 2nd century BC. Name each of them.
(The Seven Wonders of the World are:

  1. Висячие сады Семирамиды The Hanging Gardens of Babylon: ornamental gardens planted on the terrace of the ziggurats of ancient Babylon;
  2. Колосс Родосский The Colossus of Rhodes: the gigantic statue of Apollo set at the entrance to the harbor of Rhodes about 280 BC;
  3. Мавзолей в Галикарнасе The Mausoleum of Halicarnassus: a large magnificent marble tomb ordered by Mausolus king of Caria (d. 353 BC) for himself and erected by his queen Artemisia, consisting of a colonnade enclosing a sarcophagus with a pyramid-like structure above it;
  4. Маяк в Александрии The Pharos of Alexandria: the ancient lighthouse built on the small island of Pharos in N Egypt, off the coast of Alexandria by Ptolemy II about 280 BC, and is said to have been over 130m (440 ft) high and visible from 67 km (42 miles) away; finally destroyed in 1375;
  5. Египетские Пирамиды The Pyramids of Egypt: gigantic stepped and sharply sloping pyramids built as burial places for ancient Egyptian pharaohs in Giza, now a suburb of Cairo; the only surviving Wonder;
  6. Статуя Зевса в Олимпии: The Statue of Zeus by Phidias: a colossal statue of Zeus executed in gold and ivory;
  7. Храм Артемиды в Эфесе: The Temple of Artemis at Ephesus: built by Croesus).

22. What is the name of the state colloquially known as Empire State?
a) Texas
b) Illinois
c) California
d) New York
(New York).

23. What is the name of the English writer and dramatist, famous for his children’s stories and poems he wrote for his son Christopher Robin?
(Alan Alexander Milne: (1882–1956) the author of popular children’s stories and poems).

24. What is the name of the famous English poet who wrote his final masterpieces while totally blind?
(This is John Milton (1608–1674): English poet and scholar who is best known for his masterpiece Paradise Lost, an account of humanity’s fall from grace; in retirement after the Restoration, totally blind, he dictated his final great works, Paradise Lost and Paradise Regained).

25. What is the nickname of the US government?
(Uncle Sam).

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